'Comp' is the Comprehension

WB Cloze is Word bank Cloze

MC Cloze is Multi-choice Cloze

Shuffled is Shuffled sentences

Cloze Sen is Sentence Cloze

Maths 1 and 3 were Problem Solving questions

Maths 2 involved Arithmetic questions

NVR 1 & 2 were Series/Matrices questions in varied styles

Total NVR % includes all Maths & NVR scores.

Blue codes are boys and pink codes are girls. 

Examples from the August 2018 Mock compared to real exam results last year:

A child on 84.7% scored 274 in the exam.

A child on 72.3% scored 247 in the exam.

A child on 66.8% scored 241 in the exam.

A child on 56.6% scored 232 in the exam.

A child on 49.8% scored 237 in the exam.

For those who wish to book a review, this will be on Sunday 4 August from 730pm - 830pm at Solihull Tuition Centre

Please email myself or Mr Rashid with your child's full name to book this. 

We cannot accept children without a booking. 

The cost of the review is £25 (or £20 for children who attend weekly at My Learning Club or Solihull Tuition Centre).

However, both I and Mr Rashid will be reviewing/explaining the general mock sections and any weak areas within our classes with all children, so we do not consider reviews necessary for our joint pupils.

Please note again that we do not distribute the mock papers afterwards.