Genuine parent views


Hope you're well and enjoying teaching!
Z has been offered Camphill Boys which was also our first choice.
I would also like to thank you again for being such a kind and inspirational teacher and mentor. He is really happy.
Thanks again!

N has been offered a place at Camp Hill girls and we have accepted it. Thank you for taking us through this journey and we couldn’t have made it without you. She has asked me to tell you that she is most grateful for your guidance and will take with her the love for learning which you ignited and instilled in her. Our journey with you comes to an end here, you shall always be remembered with fondness and gratitude.
Keep teaching, you bring a passion for knowledge in so many young minds.
Thank you

Thank you for all your patience, understanding and consistency with each of my children, it has been greatly appreciated and has provided them with a good solid foundation to take forward. I can hardly imagine life without a word list now! May God make it easy for you to keep doing your wonderful work.

I just want to let you know that C absolutely loves the writing club. After her first lesson, she said, "Mum, I wish we would have writing club every week! I don't like it, I love it!"  Thank you so much for bringing so much fun to writing club!

We would just like to mention that we are very happy with your teaching method and also with your friendly environment you created in the classroom .R has developed a lot during this year.

I was told that the progress she has made has been amazing. Not only have her marks gone up significantly at school but apparently she is a different person altogether in class, more confident, proactive and contributes more.
I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and support with M's work.
We are very grateful for all your effort and keeping us on our toes even when it feels incredibly hard. THANK YOU..
I just wanted to say a big thank you too for your hard work and organisation! 
J has improved so much with his English work, leading to great progress at school, so much so he received the school English prize for his year group and a brilliant school report.

Thank you Sulayman for your very positive impact on D.....we are  very pleased  that D  is gaining confidence. 

I would just like to say a massive Thank you to Sulayman.
Thank you for supporting J throughout the year, I know it's not been easy.
I appreciate everything you have done. 

(To Sulayman) H scored ** in her grammar test, we are very pleased with her result.
I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the time and effort you put in for H to get this far, she scored ** in her English section which demonstrates just how valuable your club is.

Thank you for helping M and you'll see him again at the Writing Clubs. Thank you for believing in him and also for your efforts with all the children attending the Literacy Club.

Thank you again for all of the help you did for H- there will never be enough words for me to express my gratitude. You have made an incredible difference to his life by steering him towards a school out of Small Heath

Good News, N  has been offered a 25% KES scholarship and assisted place. We want to thank you once again... we were told he did very well in English and he could not have done it without you. N ... has the pick of Camp Hill and KES, something we were dreaming about for him when we first introduced him to the Literacy Club.

When he first joined the Literacy Club he was eight and because he is a summer baby it was obvious that his literacy skills would benefit from improvement (seeing that he was not reading that much). Now he enjoys reading a lot more and we are very proud of his LearnThatWord achievements and the fact he has read a few classics.

The Literacy Club has been a complete success even if D does not go to Grammar School as his literacy skills have improved along with his confidence. He has made good friends and hopefully some of them may end up going to the same secondary school.

We will recommend the Literacy Club to everyone we come across. You should be very proud of your efforts in helping all the children achieve their dreams.

Thank you for all your sincere hard work with the children. You have kept them happy, motivated and been a shoulder of strength to us as parents. Z has thoroughly enjoyed the past 2 years and has flourished in her literacy levels more so she is becoming passionate about reading harder books for leisure. 
We all feel emotional as it's the end of the road, we will miss your smiling face. Many times Z has said to me that Rebecca is the best teacher. Thank you for being a friend to our children.

B chose KEHS and we couldn't be happier. It's what we always wanted for her. Thank you for all your hard work with her.

I have accepted a place at Camp Hill Boys and A is very excited about starting there. Thank you once again for all your hard work and advice. 

Once again just want to send you our heart-felt thanks to you ! 
Thank you for your hard work, professional tutoring and nurturing. It's our luck to have you along C's journey of seeking a better education, aiming to lay a solid foundation for her future academic pursue (sic). Really appreciate your tutoring, guidance and inspiration all through the time. I do strongly recommend you  to any of my friends asking me for 11+ tuition

Fantastic news..A made it into Camp Hill! We are all so pleased for him. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Could NOT have done it without you and without our prayers :)

Just wanted to let you know I have accepted a place at KE Five Ways for D. Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort with him-  and not giving up on him.

Thank you for all your help and commitment. A has benefited greatly from the literacy club. 

Many thanks for your exemplary support to N over the last couple of months.
He has developed a taste for reading after joining the Literacy Club and really enjoyed your sessions including the holiday clubs.

Thank you for all your hard work and commitment.

I have seen in the holidays that H has improved quite a lot since he has been with you, and I am very grateful to you.

My child has really enjoyed attending the literacy club and has really learned a lot from what he knew before he started the literacy club.

It has been a memorable and rewarding experience for S to be a part of the Literacy Club. As we come to the end of our journey together in his learning, he moves on as a more confident, resilient and informed learner. He takes with him love for literature and books which he imbibed during your lessons. Mere thanks would not suffice, for you have made such an impact on him. Whatever the outcome of 11+, S has already emerged as a winner! Please continue with problem solving clubs, S loved them!

L has progressed well over the last past year due to the excellent tuition by his tutor. Thank you so much.

I'm very happy with all aspects of the literacy club. I have taken my sons to many tuition centres and so far this has been the best. I have not come across such a dedicated tutor like Rebecca.

The rewards offered for being on time and reading etc. are all good ways of keeping kids interested. Games, fun way of learning again keeps kids interested. Thank you.

Thank you for all your efforts, concern, care for the children. Your teaching and subject knowledge has been excellent.

(After receiving Queen Mary's examination results): Thank you, thank you so much. Now I can jump for joy. I feel so happy for H. All his hard work has paid off. Thank you for everything you have done for him. I can not thank you enough.

The teaching is excellent. Rebecca has dedication for what she does. I would recommend the club

F has been getting full marks at school. He said everything you have taught him helped. 

I wanted to drop you a note to say a heartfelt thank you for the support you have given L ... he got a lot from your sessions and it's really helped him in the build up to the exam. He speaks very highly and positively of his time with you - thank you. 

We cannot express our gratitude enough for all your hard work and dedication you have shown for A. His confidence has grown and his knowledge in vocabulary is now exceptional thanks to you.