We are English/VR/Writing specialists but recommend that children also attend specialist Maths/ Maths & NVR tuition as needed.

There are four tutors who work with The Literacy Club to provide Maths/NVR tuition to pupils. These tutors have agreed to respect our class times and structure/methodology.

They are (in alphabetical order):

Maumita Ghosh – Shirley, Solihull

I'm Maumita Ghosh. With 17 years of professional teaching experience under my sleeve (spending 4 years in Germany, and 13 years in England), I have developed my love for teaching, and decided to start home tutoring. While I am still a school teacher, I am also a private tutor, teaching both face to face, and online, in groups of up to 6 students. 
Specializing in Maths tuition for children aged between 8 - 13, I cover both the school curriculum, and the knowledge needed for the 11+. In my years of teaching, I have helped many students reach their potential and excel in both school and the grammar school exams. For children in year 3 and 4, my sessions last 1 hour and cost £20, while for children in year 5 and above, the sessions last for 1 hour 15 minutes and cost £25.
To contact Maumita, please see here
Morine Whyte - Harborne, Birmingham

I’m Morine Whyte and have been a successful 11 plus tutor since 2000, having been a former Maths teacher. I’m therefore highly experienced in the Birmingham/Warwickshire examination objectives and preparation. My QTS was gained in 1974. 
11 Plus Maths/ NVR classes will be held at Harborne Academy on Saturdays.
There will be a class size of 9-10 children maximum and each will have two assistants who will be high calibre Grammar School sixth formers
The fee is £25 per class. This is a one hour lesson and will stay one hour through Year 5.
Places are subject to the passing of an assessment. I recommend between 1 hour and 2 hours but no more will be spent per week on homework. 
Morine's contact details are given on request (see 'contact us')

Rebecca Barnes – Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield

I completed my BSc (Hons) in Mathematics at the University of Birmingham in 2000 and qualified to teach up to A level at Warwick University (PGCE Maths).  I have been a Head of Maths Faculty, Lead Practitioner, Fast Track Teacher and have worked for many years in a grammar school teaching up to A level (specialising in intervention groups to improve attainment both at GCSE and A Level).
I am passionate about preparing children not only to cope well, but thrive in grammar school.  My focus is on: 1 hour weekly teaching sessions, short frequent daily practice, tailored feedback and monitoring. Each teaching session will be an hour on Sunday morning in groups of five.
Before starting the first lesson your child will need to complete a free initial assessment so that I can monitor their progress each term.  Lessons are £30 and paid in blocks of four weeks. During school holidays I ask that the ten minutes practice per day is continued to ensure the standard and speed are maintained.  In order to access the work and get the most out of the lessons children need to know their times tables up to at least 12x12.
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Sukaina Rashid -  Hall Green

I approach teaching and tutoring with the aim of nurturing a positive mind set in children. This helps children develop a confident ‘I can’ attitude and increases their willingness to work for success. My focus is on teaching for understanding; I ensure the national curriculum is covered, giving children every chance of success in the 11+ exams as well as a foundation to support them through primary and secondary school maths education. 
I have a background in Business and Finance, and got my QTS in 2015, having trained as a Secondary School Maths Teacher. I have been teaching children up to GCSE level since. My 11+ tutoring began six years ago with my children, nieces and nephews all of whom attained their desired results.
Classes will take place on Saturdays in small groups of up to 5 and will cost £25 for the hour. Progress is monitored continuously. Homework is set through a mix of books and online platforms which parents/carers will need to invest in. 
Sukaina's contact details are given on request (see 'contact us')