I am the lead tutor at The Literacy Club and manage all syllabi, communication and monitoring of all pupils' progress.

I am a mother to five children - the eldest three went to KEVI Camp Hill and the younger two currently attend Bishop Vesey's Grammar. I've taught English/literacy since 1999, and in between raising my children, also spent ten years working with and delivering training to senior leaders and governors across Birmingham's schools, as well as providing local safeguarding training, before focusing primarily on The Literacy Club.

I have tutored specifically for the Birmingham 11 Plus exam since 2011 and have been delighted to see, over the years, hundreds of children grow their literacy wings and fly off to new horizons and brilliant futures.

My values are based around integrity and honesty.

  “Mr. Alcott sat behind his table, and the children were placed in chairs, in a large arc around him; the chairs so far apart, that they could not easily touch each other. He then asked each one separately, what idea he or she had of the purpose of coming to school? To learn; was the first answer. To learn what? By pursuing this question, all the common exercises of school were brought up by the children themselves; and various subjects of art, science, and philosophy. Still Mr. Alcott intimated that this was not all; and at last some one said “to behave well,” and in pursuing this expression into its meanings, they at last decided that they came to learn to feel rightly, to think rightly, and to act rightly.”

Elizabeth Peabody, Record of a School 


I am Sulayman Ayub, a 4th year medical student at the University of Birmingham. 

I have enjoyed being a tutor at The Literacy Club since 2014 and was an assistant for many years before that. I always look forward to engaging with my students and ensuring their motivation and continued success from a holisitic point of view. Within university I am the President of the Islamic Medical Society where we have managed to do some amazing work for students on campus, the community in Birmingham and have created a global outreach network within Yemen and Gaza. I am studying Arabic and jurisprudence and hold an Ijazah (authorization) in Quran. I enjoy ice skating and have always been passionate about reading. It's great to encourage my pupils to devour books as I used to at their age!

At the moment I am passionate about Palliative Care and as such I am the treasurer of the Pallative Medicine Society. I had volunteered for many years with SOLO, working with children with learning disabilities, and loved my time there supporting them. 

Prior to university I attended King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I achieved 8 A*s (including English language and Literature, where some modules were awarded full marks) and 3 As for GCSE. For A-Levels I studied Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry and achieved A*A*A respectively.  

Working with children is something I have enjoyed and seeing the progress of my students and their increase in confidence over their time with me is especially rewarding. I look forward to meeting my pupils in September!


The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word exceptional as ‘out of the ordinary course, unusual, special’. I define it as The Literacy Club.

In writing this biography I realised that I did not entirely know how to go forward: I wanted to be entirely transparent, but also authentic to myself. What would be the most honest representation of myself, whilst also exemplifying the highly suitable tutor that we are all searching for—for our children, our families, and our future? I honestly did not know how to convey this. The one thing I did know however, was how much I love teaching English, and how candidly appreciative I am to be where I am today.

I did not grow up in an affluent area of Birmingham. In fact, to be perfectly transparent, I grew up in the lower-class areas of our great city. Being from such a background, I did not go to a prestigious school, nor was I even cognizant of the existence of 11+ in Primary! The only thing I can really say for myself was that I loved English. I was a voracious reader, I was obsessed with speaking to people (being perhaps a little too talkative as a child!), and I had an intense proclivity towards writing—see the sneak peek to my new children’s book here. Flash forward, this deep infatuation with the subject propelled me to the University of Birmingham to study English Language at Undergraduate level. I finished school and college with A*s in both my English/English Literature GCSEs and A Levels and went on to complete my degree with a First Class (w/ honours), by God's grace.

In 2019, upon completion of my Undergrad, I was accepted by the University of Cambridge to study English at Masters level. However, compounded to the fact that I was getting married in June of that year, and due to responsibilities—both familial, and non—that took precedence, I decided to complete my Masters in English Language and Applied Linguistics at Birmingham. I am tremendously happy I did, for my wife and I are now happily married and both cherish working at Literacy Club. Since then, I have gone on to found a Birmingham-based leisure/sports company (Trickshot Archery), work as an editor and consultant (Ed Alta Journal of Interdisciplinary Research), and speak publicly at different venues.

I’ve tutored English since 2016, initially with Academic Enrichment Centre, and thereafter with Literacy Club, along with Ucademy (Great Barr). I solely work at Literacy Club now, having decided to dedicate all my time here, and wouldn’t have it any other way. I adore teaching English. I’ve been proudly teaching Year 3s through to Year 12s since 2016, with all my wonderful students attaining brilliant grades during that time. For the duration of my Undergrad, I was teaching around 25 to 30 hours a week so I could fund myself through University without taking out a loan. In the process, I have watched so many of my phenomenal students move on to grammar schools, higher education, and attain GCSEs with As and A*s, some of them with me being their only teacher during Year 11. One of my proudest achievements is seeing my students attain numerous scholarships to KES and KEHS. I couldn’t have asked for a more rewarding job. 

Blessed is the only word to describe my life right now. When Rebecca asked me to come teach for her, and then a year-and-a-half or so later, to only teach for her, I was honoured beyond belief (in both instances!). I do not feel like anyone should champion me—but she champions me. And that is enough for me. So I am blessed to be where I am today, coming from where I come from, and getting the chance to teach the incredible, brilliant minds I teach now.

Rebecca and Sulayman are some of the best tutors I’ve met, period. Their passion, care and diligence has created some of the best 11+ syllabi and general Literacy tuition I have had the pleasure of coming across. You will have made a spectacular choice if you go with either of them. Everyone should choose whoever they genuinely feel will be the most beneficial tutor for their son or daughter. And in this capacity, I couldn’t commend them more highly. Do know however, that Literacy Club is a team effort, a team that I am thoroughly honoured to be a part of; and if I am honoured enough to teach these great minds, I will try my utmost to provide them the most honourable education: an education that in some way glimmers with the fondness and brilliance of English that we want for our little ones. An education presented with the primary aim of inculcating that love in the next generation, whilst simultaneously raising the bright minds of tomorrow—our exceptional children.