Our Independent School Prep Mock examinations in 2024 will be held on

Sunday 9th June in the morning
Saturday 21st September in the morning (provisional date)

(English sections prepared and reviewed with The Literacy Club and Maths sections prepared and reviewed with Morine Whyte)

Papers are returned, alongside a breakdown of the writing scores and full video reviews. 


We recommend Grammar Prep Mocks with Morine. 

Mocks with Morine:

Please see information below from Morine about her Grammar Mocks. 
Please note that these are booked and paid to Morine and any queries should be directed to her at morinewhyte@gmail.com.

ATE:  Saturday July the 13th, 2024 and Saturday the 17th of August, 2024 (based on the 11+ Grammar exam being the 14th of September)
VENUE: Sports Hall, Lordswood Boys', Hagley Road, Birmingham B17 8DJ
TIME: 9am to 11.30am (8.45am entry, staged departure from 11.15am)
COST: £60
FORMAT: The format will mimic the real exam, based on the feedback I have received over the last two years. 2 papers of just under 1 hour each, to include all 4 subjects (English, VR, NVR and Maths) in each paper, with the weighting as 25% for each section. 
FEEDBACK: An anonymous table of scores plus the return of your child's paper plus answers. 
MOCK REVIEWS (£30): These are optional classes of 8 in which I go over the exam with the children, encouraging them to try to correct their own mistakes to see if they can manage the work when not under pressure. Parents are not in attendance although I am always prepared to give parents some verbal feedback at the end if I feel I have some worthwhile advice to give. These are usually conducted on the Sunday or Monday after the exam. I shall be opening the booking for these in June. 
PURPOSE OF MOCK: Mock exams should be used to familiarise your children with doing an external exam in an unfamiliar place surrounded by unfamiliar children. They should also be used to help you decide where you might want to put their efforts over the summer holidays. They should not be regarded as a predictor of eventual outcome as this can lead to complacency or panic, neither of which will be particularly useful to your child. I also find that, while I might get a significant number of children scoring at the same level in the mocks as they do in the real exam, there are usually about 1/3 of children who score at  a different level. 

PAYMENT: Payment details will be released at a future date. 

BOOKING: Booking should be done on Setmore. YOU SHOULD BOOK UNDER YOUR CHILD'S NAME and NOT your own as it will be their name I shall be using on the answer papers. Do NOT use an automatic filling in device as you will then not be able to change it and I am rarely able to change it either, which means I end up with lists of names which do not tally. Do NOT book more than once if you do make this mistake unless you delete the initial booking. Last year I had several parents who double booked with different email addresses, tying up two places for one child. 

We do not oblige anyone to book our mock but we do recommend you try to ensure your child attends both mocks if finances and holidays permit.